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    There’s a wet-spot in my bed, and I didn’t do it!

    G’s morning routine is to wake up sometime between 6 and 7. Whereas this works for him, starting off a day with him that early produces one tired mommy.  So I’ve gotten into the habit, just in the past week, to get him out of his crib, change him and then bring him back into our room with me where we cuddle, I feed him and we fall back asleep. Typically I can milk out about another 2 hours of sleep with him this way.

    Today I got lucky. 6:30 wakeup, quick diaper change, a 20 minute breakfast for him and he was out. As was I. He woke up one more time, one more snack, then out again… until 10! It was sweet!

    … until I picked him up and my sheet under his bottom had a biiiiiiig wet spot over it. I know it wasn’t me, and his dad was long gone, so there leaves only one culprit — the G-man. Granted, he was in that diaper for 4 hours, but we haven’t had a leak that bad in a long time. I’m pretty happy right now we have a waterproof pad on our mattress.

    So now I gotta think about what to do next (aside from the obvious change the sheets). Is our morning cuddle & nap routine done, or do I need to invest in some underpads for his visits?

    Who am I kidding? Sleep is too good to pass up. I guess I’ll be sleeping on some crunchy sheets for awhile. Besides, how can I give this up:

    Isn’t he an angel when he sleeps?

    8 responses to “There’s a wet-spot in my bed, and I didn’t do it!”

    1. erin says:

      Really? I wouldn’t be able to pass that up! Pee away G-man! With a face like that, he can get away with it!!

    2. christi says:

      I love that pic – he is a total angel.

    3. Alison says:

      Go G! Way to work the mama over 😉

      I love that pic, btw.

    4. grandma Valya says:

      I think he wants to say:
      “Yes mama I will do it again”

    5. Mrs.K&C says:

      That is the sweetest picture! Love their sleeping faces.

    6. Jessica says:

      he is ABSOLUTELY angelic!!

    7. Grammie says:

      He is definitely an “angel” but yes he will do it many many more times

    8. Rebecca says:

      What kind of diaper is it?

      I’ve been keeping Heidi in the same diaper all night (hangs head in shame) and she hasn’t leaked on the bed at all… fuzzi bunz rock! (now I better prepare for a leak tonight…)

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