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    Take THAT you yucky salad

    In many ways I have the dietary preferences of a 5yr old: pizza, pasta, chocolate… yum! If it’s loaded with carbs, it’s probably on my “favorites” list. Salads? Not so much. S on the other hand can make a whole meal out of a salad. Finding a salad I enjoy comes few and far between. Finding a “compatible veggies” salad to make us both happy is on the cusp of impossible. However, we don’t have to worry about this for awhile. Why, you might ask?


    G has it. He’s now on Zantac twice a day, and his mommy is heading down the road of dietary restriction. This means that caffeine, chocolate, dairy, leafy and cruciferous veggies are now on my avoid list. This is joyous news in terms of turning down Brussels sprouts and salads, but also a sad day since two of my favorite food groups (chocolate and dairy) are also on the list. It’s a sorrowful day around here, but knowing that it could take 3 days for agitating food to clear G’s system makes me question if a couple of BJ’s slices of pizza are worth his (and by association ours) prolonged misery.

    So that’s the news around these here parts. If by the end of Thu, G is no happier, his doc will be switching his meds. We’ll go from G’s post-minty-flavored-Zantec disgust face, to strawberry-flavored-Prevacid reactions. Meanwhile we are also trying elevated sleeping, elevated nursing positions, sitting upright after feedings, and minimized burping. I’m even considering visits to a chiropractor. If you have any other suggestions, though, we’re all ears.

    4 responses to “Take THAT you yucky salad”

    1. Kris says:

      We’re on prevacid and its like a whole new baby. Good luck.

    2. Grammie says:

      I am so sorry you have to go thru this with G and so far away from us to help you. I truly can say I know what you are going thru. Personally the sooner he gets on prevacid the better for him and you too. Keep the faith and make the doctors listen to what you have to say about him. A Mother and Fathers instinct goes a long way. Grammie

    3. If I have to cut chocolate out of my list, I will switch my kid to Similac or Enfamil! Hahaha… 🙂

    4. Rebecca says:

      I don’t know if it’s true for reflux too, but some foods can take longer to get out of your system if you’re talking allergies, like 2 weeks for dairy…

      I’ve also heard that craniosacral therapy can work for reflux. I have a friend who’s taking her baby and she says it’s very gentle (I haven’t talked to her yet about if she’s noticed a difference from it though)

      Sorry about the dietary restrictions. I know that’s gotta be hard. I swear, nursing cravings are worse than pregnancy ones.

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