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    Single Cute Boy seeks thumb for companionship and comfort

    S2 is on the search for his thumb. He’s been seeking it out for the past 2 weeks. He’s found his fists, but try as he might, he can’t fit a whole one in his mouth. So he’s looking for the thumb. He’s close. The thumb points in his mouth, but he hasn’t figured out how to pry it away from the rest of the first. Instead he just licks it.

    Good news for me. The idea of a thumb-sucker does not appeal to me.

    G never really took to a paci. He’d entertain it while it was around, but he never craved it. Luckily he never really found his thumbs either. And STILL his teeth are messed up. It’s unfair I tell you. Flat out unfair. I’m looking at having to set up an orthodontics fund (per the recommendation of his dentist), and we didn’t encourage (nor did he adopt) any behavior that would mis-align his teeth.

    So with S2 I’m pushing the paci when I see the fists come out. I can take a paci away. I can’t take the thumbs away, and I would really like to avoid an orthodontia fund for 2 children. Sigh.

    So while I continue watching for thumb sucking offenses, here’s a cute picture of our little sneak with his new buddy, Mo. Mo is short for Mohawk. Mohawk, the zebra.

    PS. Yes, I realize that all of S2’s photos of late seem to be in this exact same outfit. I PROMISE you he has more than one onesie. Just for some reason he seems to do cute things, and I seem to document said cute things when he’s wearing this one.

    One response to “Single Cute Boy seeks thumb for companionship and comfort”

    1. Kimberly says:

      So adorable! Matthew licks his fists, too. 🙂

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