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    Sayonara parents, aloha crib

    It’s time. It’s time for S2 to graduate to his own room.

    I’ve waited long enough. Perhaps longer than I should have, and I admit that he’s been sleeping in our room not because he’s needed it, but because I’ve been too lazy and timid to make the move.

    He sleeps 4 feet away from me, which, I gotta tell you, at 3am in the morning, that’s a pretty convenient distance to sleep-walk. Much more convenient than the walk around the house to the nursery. Nursing in my bed is pretty comfy: it’s soft and I can sit up in it for hours on end. My blanket is there, so my feet stay warm. Also, if I get in one of my paranoid “Is my child still alive?” states, all I have to do is quiet down and I can hear him breathing. Much easier than walking to the nursery at 2 am in the morning and wait to see & feel his chest rise. No joke, I did this just about every night until G turned one. At 3am when your eyes are glazed over with fatigue it takes a lot longer to see an infant breathe. I will even admit to poking my poor sleeping child, just to see a response.

    Despite all my comfort reasons for having S2 stay in our room, his little legs have grown to a point where they are now starting to reach the edge of the swing. His head is getting flat in the back. And he’s developing an unhealthy dependency on swing sleep.

    So tonight is the night.

    I had him nap in the crib all day today. 2 short naps, and one decently long nap later I think we’re cleared for a night-time trial. I’m starting easy (on myself), though. My goal is to put him down in his crib for bedtime, come to him in the middle of the night when he wakes, and put him back down in the crib. If he wakes up more than once, bring him back in our bedroom for the rest of the night. After all, I deserve sleep too 🙂

    So… wish us luck.

    One response to “Sayonara parents, aloha crib”

    1. Adrienne says:

      Luck luck Luck! Hope it goes well!

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