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    Reglan update

    I realize I owe you guys an update on my experience with Reglan.

    It’s working for me! More than anything else.

    I’m not turning into a dairy farm to be sure — I’m not making anything left-over, but at least I’m back to producing just enough for G’s daily consumption. This is a good thing, and I feel very relieved.

    I have not experienced any discernible side effects from it which is a good thing. I am feeling more tired and sleep deprived in the mornings, but I think this is work stress related (good stress I assure you). Even better, I’m not seeing any side effects in G either. He’s still a mellow and happy little guy… although have I mentioned he has a temper if he doesn’t get what he wants? That’s a whole other story though.

    I stopped the herbal supplements and am just on the Reglan to see if that alone will help, and it has. I still have an occasional 1/2 a beer though. I figure if an adult beverage is in order, it might as well be one that benefits my kid ;p

    One test we’re yet to experience though is Aunt Flo time. By my calculation she’s due for a visit in about a week or so, so I wonder how my body will perform on the meds with her around.

    That’s it. G is turning 7m on Saturday and is still a breastmilk fed baby. That’s still 7 months more of this diet than I thought he would have and I’m a thrilled little camper. Yey, Reglan!

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    1. becoming-mom says:

      So glad it’s working for you!

      I don’t know if you read my recent posts, but I thought Jasper was developing a temper too (and I’m sure he is) but I think a lot of it has just been teething crankiness as we discovered yesterday he’s cutting his first tooth!

      Beer is awesome. I actually drank bud out of a can last night and loved it. Also, free pass on oatmeal cookies 🙂

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