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    Parenting law #37

    When your child makes a gagging sound, you will inexplicably find yourself holding out a hand in a worth-LESS attempt to capture the.. ugmn… “stuff”… and avoid clean up & laundry.

    2 responses to “Parenting law #37”

    1. Lizz says:

      I’ve gotten so good at barf catching I’m thinking about adding it to my resume.

    2. Sarah (Haberfeld) de Haaff says:

      This may be a “mom-only” instinct. I have yet to see any paternal impulse to willingly hold barf in the hand. Every time I do it, I wonder what the hell I was thinking. When I look down at my full hands, I realize it’s not the most well thought out plan….cuz then what? 🙂

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