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    One stuffy nose = one sleepless night

    G has a stuffy nose. It’s not the first time in his life (a stuffy nose was one of the first souveniers he brought home from daycare),  but today’s was the first night there’s been any impact from it.

    My normally ‘sleeps like a log’ kid was up every hour or so last night because he couldn’t breathe.

    I learned that my natural instinct is apparently to comfort, not solve problems. It wasn’t until my third sleep-zombie walk to G’s crying bedside that I realized that just rocking my kid back to sleep wasn’t cutting it.

    I sprayed saline drops in his nose and busted out the bulb syringe:  both considered to be torture devices in G’s mind. He got pissed off for being brought out from his already weaning slumber, only to be tormented, and proceeded to express his ‘appreciation’ by screaming. But I got the job done and then cuddled my little guy. In the end I ended up putting him in his swing. I realize it’s not the most ergonomically proper way to sleep, but it’s the biggest incline I can have him sleep in, so that his nose drains out.

    He slept soundly (or I guess as soundly as can be with a stuffy head) after that.

    Today the vaporizer comes out of the box. I was another wake-up away
    from setting it up last night, but I got lucky enough with the swing to buy myself a few more hours of sleep.

    God, I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a full blown cold. I know he’s bound to get one, and is probably overdue for one, but I’m still hoping that his first cold can wait until he can take some basic direction… Things like ‘blow’ or ‘swallow’; ‘snort’ or ‘don’t move’.

    Ugh! Hate sickness. The only othet thing I can think of to do is to spent a ton of time holding him so that I can get his germs, make antibodies, and then pass them back to him through feeding. A bath in a steamy room, maybe?

    What else am I missing?

    If that wasn’t enough, the poop-supreme I talked about the other day produced a diaper rash not yet seen in our home. We’re still dealing with it. I think G will be spending some quality nakie time this week-end at home if it doesn’t get any better by then.

    Stuffy nose & rashy bottom. Poor kiddo! At least he’s still in good spirits and generally a happy little guy.

    One response to “One stuffy nose = one sleepless night”

    1. Ashley says:

      Hey, know I’m a little late on the uptake but you should seriously get the Nosefrida (at whole foods) It works like a charm! Really gross, but when your baby can’t breathe, sleep, or eat it’s a godsend. Hopefully this cold is gone by now, but I’d get the Nosefrida and have it on hand for the next cold!

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