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    One kid? All alone? Sign me up!!!

    This past week-end, S and I had the opportunity to go camping with the kids.

    THEN I got signed up for a training seminar for work, which was to go to 5pm on Friday (cruel, right?) so my plans to leave early to help S set up the camp-site went out the window. I wasn’t planning on spending the night, since trying to get S2 down in a pack-n-play in an enclosed tent for the first time in his life was not my idea of a good time. My thinking was we’d set up camp, have dinner and S2 and I would come home. Then after the training, it made no sense. By the time I’d get there, S would’ve already setup with G, and w/ a 7pm bedtime for S2 it was silly for me to drive for 3 hours to see G & S’ pitched tent.

    So I opted to stay home the first night alone with S2. And honestly the thought of it sounded like a vacation.

    That’s right — vacation. Which makes me laugh, because the first time S had to go away on a business trip and I had to stay home alone with G scared the lights out of me. Now anything that involves only one child seems like a piece of cake. My, my how times have changed!

    P.S. Camping ended up not happening. S drove off, got stuck in traffic and lost all desire to go that evening. He attempted the next day, but after reports on how cold it was, we decided not to go. Next time.

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