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    Yeah, I’m not very bright

    I always thought that Lansinoh primarily made products for boobies: nursing pads, nipple crème, pumping supplies… stuff like that.

    One evening while I was opening a box of nursing pads, I was very pleasantly surprised to find a small sample packet of wipes. They came in a boobie item box so I thought “Boobie wipes!” So, naturally, after one of G’s munch sessions I decided to clean myself up with them. They felt cool, refreshing and generally smelled quite lovely.

    The next morning, once the lights were actually on, I told S about my find. He looks at the packet and exclaims

    “These aren’t for your breasts! They’re regular wipes… like the ones we use on G’s butt.”

    He shows me the packaging and sure enough, it was true.

    I no longer felt special. I no longer had wipes just for me. But aside from feeling sad and disappointed, I felt pretty lame… and not too smart. I don’t know what I thought the packaging read, or how I could have interpreted “Clean & Condition Cloths (For Babies Gentle Cleansing)” as something intended for my breasts, yet there I stood blush-faced.

    Yeah, I’m not very bright.

    …but I’m making myself special, because I’m claiming these as MY wipes! On those evenings when I wake up especially sticky from stuff I know I have my sample packet to turn to.

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