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    My Mom Rocks

    Apparently G thinks so anyway.

    We had a really kick-ass day today. Aside from G being a grinch about his afternoon nap, it was awesome! We went to a new park today where G went on the slide for the first time (with me) and got on the swings for the first time too.

    He LOVED the swing. After he figured out what was going on, he was laughing and grinning.

    I wasn’t expecting anything out of today. One of my friends mentioned earlier this week that her daughter was her mother’s day gift. It’s funny, because I’ve been feeling very much the same way about G. However days like today I’ll take anytime!

    Here are some pics:

    Neko guarding G’s room while he naps

    “Which end of the spoon goes in my mouth again?”

    “Never mind… figured it out!”

    2 responses to “My Mom Rocks”

    1. Rebecca says:

      So glad you had a great mother’s day. You do rock 😉

    2. Ariana says:

      I love these photos.. the skintones and clarity are just perfect. And how cute is G in that “My mom rocks” shirt?

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