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    Mr. Bubblebutt

    Introducing Mr. Bubblebutt!

    We’ve been transitioning G into his Kissaluv’s cloth diapers this week. This has been day 2 of wear. They’re cute, they’re practical, but in addition to moving him to these diapers I also have to move him to the next size onesies, because the NB ones won’t support his new sized derrière.

    I can just hear G saying “Do these diapers make my butt look big?”

    The answer?

    “Oh YEAH!”

    3 responses to “Mr. Bubblebutt”

    1. Rebecca says:

      Cloth diaper butts are so cute =)
      And all that extra padding comes in handy when they start walking (and falling)

      G doesn’t look like a newborn anymore… it goes by so fast!

    2. Holy moly… how come it looks so huge? It’s like a diaper within a diaper!

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