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    Movie Monday

    It’s 2 for the price of 1 day. Enjoy the G sale ;p

    First up, is the “I eat all by myself” video. Last Wednesday G surprised S and I by reaching for a yogurt melt I had in my hand and putting it in his mouth… on his own. Then he did it again. Worried I wouldn’t see that moment again for weeks (he’s done that to us before) I ran to get the camera and G was nice enough to oblige with a few more shovels of melts.

    [PS. you really only have to watch the first 30 seconds here]

    What’s cool is that now he REALLY wants to feed himself. He went from “Nah, I want to be serviced” to “No, I wanna do it!” in a matter of days. He’s also now an expert in shoveling stuff in his mouth (provided the food is not slippery and squishy… like peas). He also prefers whole food now over jars, which is a little sad for me given the fact I still have about 20 jars of food left. Last, he’s big into eating whatever I’m eating. This morning we had a small screamfest ensue because I took a bite out of a bagel while I was holding him in my lap. Apparently not sharing was a punishable offense. Bad mamma! I tore up some bagel into chunks and he was a happy boy. He even enjoyed a few bites with a wee-bit of cream cheese too.

    Next up is G’s new-found way to get around. He really digs his walking toy, but hasn’t really gotten into walking yet. So now he pushes it doing the “knee walk”. It’s cute!


    Today he also stood up holding onto a stair. He also managed to get into a downward dog pose from a crawl. We’re a few weeks away from him getting into a stand on his own… I think. With him I never know though. He seems to take forever to illustrate a skill. Yet at the same time he does within a day or two he’s a master at it. So slow on the uptake, but he hits the ground running (although I hope that isn’t literally what will happen on the walking phase). Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the knee walking 🙂

    2 responses to “Movie Monday”

    1. Lizz says:

      Just a frame of reference; Max’s PT said that the average length of time a baby cruises is about 3 months, so you’ve probably got a little time before the running thing! LOL

    2. Rebecca says:

      We’ve got the same walking toy =)
      Heidi can walk with it now (just the past couple days actually), but she prefers to do the knee thing just like G, it cracks her up like that too. Soooo Cute!

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