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    Where, oh, where have my milk glands all gone?

    Where, oh, where could they be?

    Yeah, I’ve been living in supply decline city here for the last 2 weeks. I’m still stuffing myself with fenugreek & blessed thistle, enjoying my lactation cookies when possible and doing the beer thing, yet it’s as if my body has developed an immunity to the aforementioned tools. I’m coming up about a day-care bottle short now daily. And it’s not like G is eating any less. Kinda sucks! Luckily I have my freezer stash to look to, but I hate seeing (the security blanket that it is to me) go down.

    I have two awesome friends who have offered to share their milk with me, and I can’t possibly tell you how fortunate I feel for that, but in a way I feel selfish: I want MY milk and to give all that I can before I go down that route.

    So enter Reglan. Yes, THAT Reglan. It turns out that while you’re solving for upset stomach and nausea, you’re also getting more milk as a side effect. I met with my OB on Monday for my annual check-up and we talked about my declining boobage. I asked for a prescription, and she was nice enough to oblige.

    I’m excited about taking it and hope it will get me back to where I was.

    Now with that said, Reglan can come with some side effects. My primary concern was that it is passed through milk to the child. Normally, this may not be an issue, but since Reglan is prescribed to babies with reflux (which as you know G has), I don’t want it to overmedicate my little guy on top of his existing meds. So after three days of impatient waiting on a talk with our pedi, and an informative discussion, he didn’t have any issue with the meds. Check one.

    Secondary concern is possible side effects on me. Depression has been listed as a possible side effect, but I’d like to think that my cheery disposition so far in life hasn’t shown me to be prone to depressive episodes. However, if you see me getting moody here call me out on it.

    So we try this for about 6 weeks and then check in with the pedi.

    C’mon milk!

    3 responses to “Where, oh, where have my milk glands all gone?”

    1. Oh my, sending on the milk dust! ***
      I thought I was going to go nuts with worry going on the mini-pill, seriously sending you all my no stress vibes – I’m told that the stress makes it worse… what a double edged sword huh?

    2. Kittylove says:

      There is nothing selfish about wanting to provide G with your own milk. It is a wonderful gift you are giving him, plus studies have shown that breast milk from one’s own mother is better than someone else’s milk, this has to do with antibodies found in the milk.

      I hope the regaln helps and that you don’t have any unwanted side effects from it.

      Adrienne mentioned that stress can effect milk production, and I have found that to be true too. Something that has helped us is that when Riley nurses Ryon rubs my feet. It seems to help us.

    3. becoming-mom says:

      Have you considered domperidone? I hope you can get your supply back up!

      Ariana (MrsJeffsWife2B)

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