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    No, it doesn’t all fit in your mouth

    G has taken to not only licking his fists, but seeing just how much of them he can shove in his mouth. Sometimes he tries to stick them in so deep I worry he’ll gag himself… except that his facial expressions are so funny to observe, as he does it, that I rarely stop him. Besides, he’s gotta find his own limits, right?

    It’s pretty cute and hilarious to watch. See for yourself!


    Occasionally he’ll raise both hands to his mouth, lick one, then the other, then try to get both in there to give them equal time. All this while his eyes kinda criss-cross as he tries to watch them go in. I’ve been trying to take video of this, but I’m never fast enough with the camera to get it.

    Yeah, good times! Only bad side effect to this are what his hands smell like after awhile. Lets just say that it’s a little fresh in those little tight fists, and wipes these days are coming in handy on more than just his rear.

    One response to “No, it doesn’t all fit in your mouth”

    1. Grammie says:

      Oh that was great to watch and “hear”. I am so sorry I am so far away and I miss these moments but thanks for recording them so I can enjoy them.

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