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    Woo Hoo – I took a shower… all by myself!

    Ok, it’s not as gross as you think. Since G was born, I’ve relied on S to be home before I can shower. Every time I even thought about it during the day, G would get fussy, or something would come up. Well, not today!

    I waited for him to be fed and changed, which is generally a content period; I parked him in his bouncer right outside the bathroom door and jumped into the shower. It was a quick one — no shaving or washing my hair, but we’ll work ourselves up to those eventually too. So aside from the additional therapy G’s going to need for being subjected to seeing his mom naked, I think we’re good!

    2 responses to “Woo Hoo – I took a shower… all by myself!”

    1. Rebecca says:

      yay =)
      I remember not being able to take a shower every day as being one of the most upsetting parts of realizing how all consuming taking care of a newborn was. That and not getting a chance to eat sometimes…

    2. Kelle says:

      Hang in there! it keeps getting better-promise!

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