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    I can’t believe I keep falling for this

    Every year we brine our Turkey Day bird. I put it in breast-side down overnight and then the next day we rotate it.

    Today I kinda forgot, so as I was showering and thinking about the rest of my dinner prep I panicked. S came in to check in on me, w/ G strapped in the carrier so I asked:

    “Hon, would you mind please flipping the bird?”

    I’ll give you one guess S’ gesture response at this point.

    “Fine! I meant the other bird.”

    As he was laughing S proceeded to repeat the same gesture with his other hand.

    “The third bird.”

    Finally having a partner in crime, S decided that it’s a good idea to transition to G’s little hands. Yeah, good luck prying those boxing fists open, buddy!

    “Go flip the turkey please!”

    At this point S headed out murmuring “I love that we do this every year!” Yep. Apparently I fall for this every year, and every year I forget. So this is now my mental note: next year ask to flip the “turkey”, not just a generic “bird”.

    Oh, and Happy Turkey Day!

    One response to “I can’t believe I keep falling for this”

    1. Hannah says:

      Ha!! That’s too funny!!

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