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    How to deal with unwanted solicitors

    G seems to have an uncanny ability to detect when I’m on the phone with someone I enjoy talking to. About 2-5 minutes into my conversations he goes from silently placated (or asleep) to full-on cry. Why is it that he can’t do the same when solicitors call?

    This morning as yet another call came in, I was thinking “Man, I should really record G’s wails for moments like this”. Seriously, as soon as Mr. Solicitor starts their 10 min long schpeal, you start the recording straight into the phone microphone. If the sound of a shrieking kid doesn’t get them to pause (and if I’m lucky hang up) I’d be impressed.

    Hmn… Maybe there’s a business oportunity here : solicitor repellant sounds.

    2 responses to “How to deal with unwanted solicitors”

    1. Libby says:

      Yes…when J was a baby and hated being put down I did it a few times as my quick escape!!

    2. EmWed says:

      My DH has been known to belch loudly into the phone at telemarketers. This is considerably less offensive. 😉

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