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    How does he know what’s NOT a toy?

    G has the uncanny ability to scan his nearest vicinity and pick out the ONE element that he shouldn’t be playing with. Case in point: diaper creme tube, TV remote control and of course… my mobile phone.

    While on the diaper changing table he’s surrounded by G toys. I mean surrounded: teething rings (two), rattle, lovey, even a bath toy for good measure, but what does he want? The tube of butt paste! He doesn’t put it in his mouth, but likes to pass it from one hand to the other — that is all. I of course fear that he’ll pick out an eye with a sharp edge, cut up a lip or turn the tube around for a nice appetizer of diaper creme.

    Next up — the TV remote control. It’s a magnet for this child. He sees it lying on the bed and reaches out for it. We made the mistake one day of giving it to him. We figured “The TV is off, he can’t do much harm.”  Wrong!!! Although the TV itself was off the TiVO was still running and our sweet little monkey reprogrammed it. Yep! We turned it on later and the whole screen was black — it took us a while to figure out what he had done.

    Last (for this post anyway) and my personal favorite (NOT!): my iPhone. Yes, I have said in the past that it’s G’s iPhone. I did in fact get it during his car screamfest phase so that I can play whitenoise sounds for him while driving. However, I didn’t literally mean it’s G’s iPhone. Yeah, tell him that! He sees it, he wants it. And when he gets it, he of course miraculously knows which end to put in his mouth — the speaker and pin connector, of course. There never has been more drool coming out of G’s mouth than when my phone is in there. Yeah! Score! I’m lucky it still works. Note to all you iPhone owners out there — in the presence of my child, for your own good, please don’t take your phone out.

    So yeah, my smart little monkey: either very bright… or very much a monkey.

    2 responses to “How does he know what’s NOT a toy?”

    1. Aerialsoul says:

      He needs his own version. The G2 version of the android phone is out, so by the time the G5 is out then we’ll know it’s time to get him is very own branded phone (G Five).

    2. Grammie says:

      It is with such pleasure that I read your logs about G and realize how much I am missing by being on the east coast while you, S and G are on the west coast.

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