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    Happy Birthday to ME

    I’m another year older today.

    It also happens that I’m another decade older too. Who knows… perhaps another decade wiser.

    When I turned 20 I was excited and nervous. There was so much I knew was going to happen in my 20s. I would graduate college, get my first job… start a family. These weren’t goals, per se — I almost viewed them as naturally occurring events and their prospect was really exciting. Exciting and scary.

    Now that I’m… umn…. not 20 anymore, I don’t know what the “naturally occurring events” are for this decade. I feel very fortunate that the milestones I felt would happen for me in the last 10 years in fact have, yet I am drawing a blank on what milestones I have to look forward to in the next 10 years.

    So your gift to me today is to tell me about the fabulous things that happen in one’s 30s. GO!

    The other thing that bums me out about today is that it’s Wednesday. I think it should be illegal to have a milestone birthday in the middle of the week. I want a big hoopla with a lazy in-bed morning with S and G, a kick-ass waffle breakfast, a fun-filled day outdoors with my family, wrapped up with an awesome event with friends.

    Instead, I’m getting a cold ceran-wrapped bagel in the Mom’s room, followed by a whole bunch of meetings, fighting fires at work, and sushi take-out for dinner. Boo! (except for the sushi — I’m looking forward to that one)

    On the bonus side, though, I AM getting to eat (more of) my favorite cake in the whole world: a tiramisu cake made by Margaret’s French Bakery. It’s so moist, and just the perfect taste of sweet yet not overpowering, soaked in rum. Trust me — it’s worth the (costly) $30. Ok, I’m starting to drool.

    I will say, however, that lack-of-30-direction aside, I feel very content right now. I have everything I could possibly want for myself, and need for nothing. It is a really great feeling. I feel “complete” in so many ways.
    Hmn…. maybe that’s why I don’t know what to ask for of the next 10 years.

    Ok, maybe I can ask for a little bit more sleep ;p

    6 responses to “Happy Birthday to ME”

    1. StefK says:

      I’ll be 28 next week, so while I don’t have anything to offer in the way of “what you have to look forward to in your 30’s,” I did want to wish you a happy birthday!

      I’m basically ecstatic about getting closer to my 30’s. It is entirely due to the fact that I’ll start TTC around 29 1/2, so I know my 30’s will be that time of starting my family. Are there plans to expand yours? THAT is exciting! Though I don’t have kids of my own, watching my cousins grow, I found that there was not a whole lot sweeter than seeing how much a young child looks up to their siblings and how incredible and sweet that bond can be!

    2. Happy Birthday, A! 🙂

    3. erin says:

      We wished you happy birthday over on the nest side!

    4. Rebecca says:

      Happy Birthday!

      So far 30’s have brought me a second child… but if that’s not part of your plans, then that’s a very good question….you have a lot to look forward to as G grows up and really develops his personality.. they just get cuter and more fun as the years pass. Maybe 20’s is “starting a life” and 30’s is “living that life”…

    5. Kirsten says:

      I am just catching up on your blog and didn’t realize that I had missed your birthday! I hope that the tiramisu and sushi were wonderful. Maybe I will sing to you at dinner tomorrow night 🙂

      Although well into my 30’s, mine have been filled with what you did in your 20’s (starting a new job, getting married, thinking about starting a family…) so I don’t have much insight!

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