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    Happy Birthday G! Happy Mother’s Day A!

    (a post by S!)

    One year ago at this hour (Aug 29th 3:45 am PT) G was finally born.  I’ve been thinking alot over the past few weeks leading up to his 1 year birthday. The 1 year celebration is more for us than for G – he doesn’t know anything that is going on. The pictures, the cake, the party…. it’s all for us. G does have fun with the grandparents though — so that’s his part of the celebration.

    I’ve re-read our birth stories… both A’s timely post very soon after his birth and my post that took 7 weeks to write. It feels as if those posts are from a time so long ago. We’ve had tears, sleepless nights, concerns and we’ve also had tons of smiles, lots of kisses, laughter (lots of laughter with G), and periods of amazement. It’s been a fantastic year! And it’s been a year that we’ve experienced together more so than any other year we’ve been together.

    G (when you read this sometime years from now) – I love you!! Happy Birthday!!

    And now for my bright idea…. Today is now A’s Mother’s Day. That made up day in May means so little compared to G’s birthday.

    So A — I love you!!! Happy Mother’s Day.

    3 responses to “Happy Birthday G! Happy Mother’s Day A!”

    1. becoming-mom says:

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY G MAN! And happy mother’s Day A… and father’s day to you S:)

      I’m going to read your earlier entries, but before I do can I say WOW, what a gorgeous family portrait! Did you do a self timer or did someone else take it for you?

      Hope you all have a very special day..

    2. aerialsoul says:

      Thanks A (aka Becoming Mom)!

      This image was taken by our great friend – Augie Chang. He documented our engagement shots, wedding, holiday shots, baby shots…. He’s a great friend and an amazing photographer. A’s flickr feed has copies of his images from all of these shoots. His blog is also on our GReader to catch shots of his weddings and other sessions.

      Augie Chang – http://www.augiechang.com/

    3. Christa says:

      Happy Birthday G!! I enjoy watching you grow up!!!

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