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    Gumdrops are great

    Post by S

    My new favorite baby accessory is the Gumdrop! That’s the Gumdrop Pacifier.

    The hospital gave us a Soothie pacifier – it was the first pacifier G tried and he sucked on it. But I HATED it. It was heavy and fell out of his mouth often. It covered up most of his face. There wasn’t any easy way to attach a regular pacifier leash and the Soothie leash was even worse than the pacifier. I eventually took off the leash attachment and just tied the string through the hole in the pacifier.

    It’s almost as if it was designed by someone that never watched a baby use it.

    Late one night after picking up the Soothie off the floor one too many times I did a web search for “Better Soothie Pacifier” and found the Gumdrop Pacifier. The Gumdrop nipple is the exact same as the Soothie but the outside is drastically improved. I read the reviews and at 3 am ordered 6 with Express Shipping.

    I LOVE the Gumdrop!

    G loves it too. It doesn’t fall out as easily. It takes a regular paci-leash. And he looks better in photos with it too.

    If your baby likes the Soothie – Give the Gumdrop a try! They will even send you a free one if you send them your Soothie – Trade in Your Soothie.

    I ordered ours from Amazon (from Gumdrop Pacifiers’ Amazon store).

    One response to “Gumdrops are great”

    1. Katie says:

      We LOVED the GumDrops!! And there is a SAHM that sells them off ebay (NIP, of course)… Gotta love the SAHMs

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