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    G’s big adventure

    G and I had a long and adventurous day yesterday. We were out of the house for a full 7 hours all by ourselves!

    We started off with a long ride to the North-East Bay to pick up A (of Wishing for my miracle fame). The three of us then headed to Concord for a “New Mommy” get-together. G was the youngest in the bunch, if you don’t count the wee one in A’s belly. It was interesting to see how kids develop over time and to see the milestones I have to look forward to with G. When we walked in, the hostess’ little guy was sitting in his swing just silently marveling at the mobile over it. His mom was prepping some items for the guests in the kitchen. As I parked G in the car seat right next to the swing, I thought to myself “Wow – it will be great that someday, hopefully, G will be doing that too.” Right now, he sits in the swing for maybe a minute before he starts crying.

    After the get-together, G and I spent some good, quality time with his “uncle” Augie. Augie has two boys of his own, and I’m always impressed with how immaculate his house is. Even the toy den with toys scattered is pretty organized. G and I had some words about toys observing the loot of goodies… well it was obviously me doing the talking while he stared up at me with that newborn cross-eyed look of his. I made it clear to him that he and I will be fighting over his Lego’s. I LOVE Lego. For my college graduation gift, I asked my parents for a programmable Lego robotics set. I got a DVD player instead (which I’m not complaining about), but I still yearn for that Lego set.

    All and all, throughout the day G did very well and I’m really proud of my little guy!

    G’s mommy on the other hand proved herself to be completely irrational and probably somewhat certifiable. Since this is our first day out on our own, and probably my second day driving G I couldn’t stop but think about these crazy-terrible “What If” scenarios. Things like:

    • If there is an earthquake right now (we do live in CA) while I’m driving on this bridge and it collapses (it did happen in ’89), how will I get G out of his car-seat? I’m a terrible swimmer: how will I keep him alive?
    • If I’m in a car accident and knocked unconscious, will the people who come to my rescue be honest enough to not kidnap my child?

    Yep – I told you I was completely irrational. These are very unlikely and obscure scenarios, but honestly, I was driving around with that in my head. Please tell me I’m not the only first-time parent that’s dealing with Doom’s Day preparation.

    See.. this is why I should never be left alone with my thoughts.

    2 responses to “G’s big adventure”

    1. christi says:

      I’m glad your big adventure was a success. Thanks for coming and it was great to meet you. Dane started really enjoying his swing around 6 weeks, so hopefully the same will be true for G. He’s super adorable!

    2. Kittylove says:

      I had a great time A, thank you so much for the ride. G is such a sweetie, you are a lucky mommy. I can’t wait to see you and him again next weekend.

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