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    Good thing humans don’t groom like cats

    …. otherwise I’d be spitting out hairballs too.

    I am finding my hair in places I didn’t think it would end up. Yes, I am no longer pregnant, and the amount of shedding is quite obviously rubbing that in my face.

    I feel that if I start collecting the fallen hairs, I’ll have a good ammount to make a wig. I’m already growing out my hair so I can donate it, but I have a feeling if I just walk around my house with a piece of tape, I might already have enough.

    The best part is that G somehow seems to find a good portion of them. He doesn’t tug on my hair… often, so I haveĀ  no clue how his juicy little fists end up with 1, 2, sometimes even 3 strands at a time.

    … and yet I still refuse to go for the “mommy” hairdo!

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