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    Good morning, Food!

    Each morning when I go get G to wake-up he gives me a big smile.

    I used to think he’d see me and think “Hello, Mama!”, but now I’m starting to believe he sees me and says “Sweet! Hello, Breakfast! What’s on the menu this morning?”

    I really only get about 2 minutes lead time between smiles and fussiness. I think it’s because he’s seeing food (aka boob) flaunted in front of him and it’s not in his mouth. He really only calms down after he gets to eat.

    So yeah, call me “Breakfast”.

    In other yummy news, G has now expanded his eating repertoire to include Sweet Potatoes and Squash. He likes them both and now refuses cereal. I don’t blame him. Squash and potatoes don’t taste like cardboard. However, they do make for some very messy eats, which is really testing S’ limits. S, you see, is not crazy about the whole baby messy mouth/hands thing, so he’s having to re-aclimate… ‘cuz G sure won’t be observing clean standards anytime soon.

    Yeah, Daddy, you just wait until G starts flinging food clear accross the room.

    One response to “Good morning, Food!”

    1. Kirsten says:

      I must say I am with G – sweet potatoes rock; rice cereal not so much

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