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    G must be really smart

    We had G’s 6-mo well check-up appointment.

    His weight is on track: in the 3rd percentile (boo!), but he’s staying on the 3% curve consistently.

    He’s shot up in height and is now in the 10th percentile (before he was in the 5th range).

    But above all, his head is jumping curves. He’s in 35th percentile for head. Ya — my little dude’s got one big noggin’. That certainly explains why we can’t find hats that fit. His pedi was very excited about this, although I don’t really get why having a big melon’s a good thing. Feel free to enlighten me. He’s obviously making room for some big knowledge in there.

    Overall, G got a clean bill of health. Dr. M’s very excited about him, and G in turn spent the whole appointment just grinning at him.

    Best part? When G hot his shot today — NO TEARS!!!! Remember the crying video? Yeah… none of that! Not even a whimper. I had a bottle in his mouth which he was happily eating when the shot went in.  Kid did’t even flinch. A big relief for me since this was my first time taking him in on my own. I can’t watch when he gets poked, so it was a good thing that he just kept sucking on his bottle.

    I’m so proud of my little man! We’ll be celebrating by cracking open a jar of sweet potatoes tomorrow. First “real” food, baby!

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