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    G hits the motherload

    … of poop that is.

    If you have no desire to observe me marvel at the solid waste production value by my child this am, please skip this entry. However, if you want to take the train-wreck approach…. read on!

    This morning after I finished feeding G (and got myself dressed), I headed into the nursery to get G changed and situated in his car seat for the drive to care. As I put him on the changing table I saw a poopie stain on his clothes. I think “Oh, goodie!” I peel off Mr. Froggie from him and notice that even the toy has poop slathered on it. This stuff leaked so bad it sent through his clothes onto his toys. Now I’m checking my clothes (the one day I decide to get dressed before him) to see if I myself need a change. After I confirmed I was poop-free, I proceeded to reveal the diaper.

    Dear lord, it was a sight to behold! (Ok, fine — not really)

    There was no holding back from this kid. I think he was saving 2 days worth of poops to deliver in one go. I was trying to maneuver his legs up in the air, the wipes, the old diaper while trying to minimize the mess. What was G doing? Looking very content. Yes, we are happy to see him “go” as it illustrates he’s eating well, but that smug smile on his face as I was bewildered on what to do first was walking a fine line.

    All I have to say is that I am glad this happened in a disposable diaper (since he sleeps through the night, we put a ‘sposie on for the duration).  S should be happy too that he’s not rinsing that out tonight.

    … now back to non-poop scheduled programing. You hope.

    2 responses to “G hits the motherload”

    1. Rebecca says:

      And that’s why I put babies on the potty 😉

    2. Kittylove says:

      Riley had a blow out like that at the end of our zoo trip. It got through all three layers of his clothing, and the sling, and his shoes. Thankfully he didn’t get me. But at least we know our boys are eating well.

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