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    From trash to treasure

    I’m a first born. Not only so, but also the first born in my immediate family. What this means is that I’m not used to hand-me-downs. I don’t look down on them, but I’ve grown accustomed to things new and shiny.

    In many ways I’ve found myself transferring my personal preference onto G as well, although I’m really working hard to keep an open mind. There are many things I won’t consider getting used, but there are others that I really don’t mind giving a second life to.

    S and I have many friends with children who are outgrowing their gear and clothes and we’ve been the fortunate (and grateful) recipients of many goodies. Although my “new and shiny” tendency still rears it’s head, I’m appreciating that 1) it saves us money; 2) G won’t remember (or care) that his XXX wasn’t brand new as long as it does what it’s supposed to; 3) reuse is really best for the environment.

    I also get a kick out of getting a really good deal. G’s swing (Fisher Price Rainforest) sells for $270 new. S and I picked one up in great condition for $50. Today, I got G’s next sized tub (Primo EuroBath) for $10, where I would have paid over $20 new… before taxes.

    Craigslist and the local mother’s group mailing list have been our friends 🙂 At the end of the day I’m happy, the sellers are happy, and the trash dude strains his back over less item hauling to the dump so he’s happy.

    S and I are gearing up for a “Things we couldn’t live without post”, but in the meanwhile this is one tip from me to you (and to future me) as a reminder that the saying of “One person’s trash is another’s treasure” really is true.


    3 responses to “From trash to treasure”

    1. Kittylove says:

      I love hand-me downs. I was the oldest in my family too but we had so many family friends who had girls just a little older than me that I got used to lots of hand-me downs as a kid.

      It is also good to know you and S don’t look down on us for all our second hand stuff because I love that I just bought my 325$ +tax +shipping stroller for 150!

    2. Rebecca says:

      hand me downs are better than christmas =)
      as a kid I remember lots of my favorite items coming from big bags of stuff we were given and I’m super excited to not have to spend any money to dress heidi…

    3. libby08 says:

      I was the 6th…what is this word you used…”new?”

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