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    Foto Friday

    Brace yourselves… ‘cuz this is a big one!

    (Photos courtesy of Kelly M)

    It’s hard to pick just a few, but as always, his cuteness can always be “Aw!”ed at here.

    6 responses to “Foto Friday”

    1. I LOVE the family fotos. You guys should take more with G!

    2. Sheila says:

      WOW!! These are all such amazing pictures! Kelly is an awesome photographer, and she obviously had a fabulous subject to work with!

    3. Jocelyn says:

      Such wonderful pictures! He’s such a cutie. And Kelly absolutely rocked the shoot!!

    4. Waaaaaay Cute! I can’t believe how they get so big so quickly!!
      And great work Kelly!

    5. Alison says:

      Those are GREAT!! And G is so handsome!!

    6. Lindsy says:

      Those turned out beautiful, G looks adorable.

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