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    First ear infection = first antibiotics

    The sniffles faerie brought a friend! Yeah, an ear infection. We’re sooo (not) lucky.

    But G is taking it like a champ. After a day of whining and poor naps he’s in a much better mood today. He’s a sight to behold though — his nose is drippy and his eyes are goopy. Yeah, who’da thunk that snot can come out of your eyes. Not attractive! But thanx to my online moms I got the very sound advice that it could be an ear infection and his pedi should check him out. Sure enough; Dr. M confirmed the ear/sinus infection and gave us some antibiotics to take for two weeks.

    We’ve also discovered that in addition to hating the nose sucker, G also dislikes having his eyes wiped. Apparently this child is not big into personal hygiene.

    Good news, though, is that he’s not contagious so he’s going back to daycare tomorrow. I got a note from the doc saying so though, because I didn’t want other parents to worry when they saw that puffy, snotty-eyed child o’mine.

    I’m staying home with him today, and I’ll admit, although I’m not thrilled it’s because he’s sick, I’m enjoying a work-day off to cuddle with my snuggle bug. I miss maternity leave 🙁 For those that would encourage either S or I to be a stay-at-home parent, though, please share with us your winning lottery ticket first.

    P.S. Note to future me: goopy eyes + runny nose + stinky G breath = sinus/ear infection + antibiotics

    P.P.S. What did moms do before the internet?

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