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    Feed ME!

    I am hungry. All. The.Time.

    I have a big lunch and by 2 I am starving. By 5 I am eyeing my colleagues’ snacks on their desks.

    I am also equally embarrassed when we go out with friends. Because I want seconds… and possibly thirds. No, friends, I am not being starved at home by my dear husband — I just have a tapeworm whose name is Nursing.

    I never used the term “eating for two” while I was pregnant, because I didn’t want to, or feel like I needed to. Now though? Wow! From the amount of food I intake you’d swear I’m feeding a village. I now frequently out-eat S. I can only imagine how hungry moms who feed multiples must be.

    I think a nursing mom needs to enter one of those eating competitions. She’d win hands down… and maybe still be hungry afterward.

    At this rate, I can only hope that when I stop nursing G my body won’t expand to show where all this food is going. Otherwise I’ll have to move into the gym.

    Until next time — I’ll be the one in the corner eating something.

    3 responses to “Feed ME!”

    1. EmWed says:

      I am SO right there with ya. It’s embarrassing sometimes!

    2. Christa says:

      Towards the end of nursing Ella I could’ve written this myself. Nobody believed me because I was never this hungry for the first few months of nursing, but then it’s like I could never get full and all that weight I took off, came right back on. UGH! Frustrating!

      We are now in the process of re-lactating now, I hope it doesn’t happen again!

    3. wltt says:

      I feel the same way. I’m eating as I read this…

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