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    Dear G,

    Today you are 6 months old. In those 6 months you’ve taught me so much about you, and also so much about your daddy as well as myself.

    I’ve learned that you…

    • love music and listening to Pink is your favorite (please someday tell me why). Also songs that you heard often in my belly make you pause to listen
    • love to talk, especially to Monkey or Froggie. You tell them about your day when you go to bed and about your dreams when you wake up
    • have a good sense of humor and know just when to smile when your daddy or I are being silly
    • have a very intent stare
    • love to swing things: your Gum Drop, Monster-dude… really just about anything you can wrap your fingers around
    • like to do things your way on your own schedule and if you don’t get it, our ear drums hear about it

    I learned that your daddy is an even better father and husband than I ever thought he would be. We’re even closer than ever before and it’s because of you.

    I’ve learned that I have far more patience than I ever thought I would; that wake-ups in the middle of the night are rough… very rough… yet still manageable; that stinky diapers aren’t nearly as bad as I had imagined (although there’s still time for that to change); and that despite the fact that we spend all this time together I can’t wait to come home to you every day and spend every minute possible with you.

    Thinking about you makes me smile, and I love all the little things about you. I love…

    • the smile you give me when I wake you up in the morning
    • the sound of your voice when you talk
    • your big toothless grin
    • the way your eyes sparkle when you smile
    • the little white milk stain on your tongue
    • how funny you look when your eyes go cross-eyed because you’re so intently focusing on an object close by
    • the way your ears stick out under your beanie, making you look like an elf
    • how you rub your hands together as if you’re plotting some world domination scheme
    • the way your legs bounce when you’re excited
    • the fact that you giggle in your sleep
    • your constantly sticking out tongue
    • the way your rub your Froggie or Monkey blankets on your face when you are ready for a nap

    And so in honor of your 6mo birthday, here’s a little walk down memory lane:


    5 responses to “Dear G,”

    1. Amy says:

      You guys are so lucky to have such an adorable little guy! I can only hope that someday I have what you have.

    2. Awww, Happy 6 months G!

    3. Jamers says:

      Happy 6 months! Those pictures are the cutest EVER & the slideshow is so sweet. If I think it’s gone by quickly, I can’t imagine how YOU feel. :o)

    4. StefK says:

      He’s so cute!!!! Happy 6 months!!

    5. Baby G is sooo cute in those photos. He can totally be in those baby commercials! Look at that sweet smile!

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