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    Dear G (re: naps)

    Dear G,

    Finding you sitting-up in your crib playing with the videocam is not what I had in mind when I put you down for a nap this afternoon. Naptime is for lying down flat as a board, closing your eyes and taking a snooze. Sitting up and rattling the crib isn’t fitting to that definition.

    Please also tell me how you manage to immediately awaken even though I put you down half asleep… twice!


    Your “tired-of-battling-you-at-naptime” mom

    One response to “Dear G (re: naps)”

    1. ariella516 says:

      I am sorry he isn’t napping well for you guys right now. I bet he is just learning a new skill and thus using nap time as practice time rather than sleeping time. That still doesn’t make it easy.

      On a diffrent note: How did FLYING go!?!

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