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    Daycare for two

    S2 starts daycare tomorrow.

    I’ll be honest, I feel a little conflicted about it. I’m both excited and sad. Packing his stuff to take to daycare felt like one of the saddest things ever. It was a mix between “time is going by too fast” and “I feel like I’m cheating”. Let me explain that last part.

    While S2 starts daycare tomorrow, I won’t be returning to work until mid-March. THAT makes me excited as hell. I have some personal projects that I’ve been putting off for the last year that I can finally focus on. I’ll go and use the facial/massage gift certificates that have been piling up over the last few holidays. I’ll be able to pull G out of daycare and spend some much needed 1:1 time with him and do some adventure outings. On my list are the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum and whatever else strikes my fancy. S2 on the other hand will get to start daycare before stranger anxiety kicks in, which will hopefully make these first few weeks easier on us all.

    Yet, I’m also sad, and… well… guilty. I feel that if I’m staying home, he should be too, since I’m staying home because of him. Also, G was 4 months old when he started daycare. S2 should have the same time with me too.

    So yeah, tomorrow will be interesting. I’ve told myself though, that when I start missing my monkey too much I’ll go bring him home.

    Meanwhile, I’ve been prepping G too. I told him that his little brother will be going to school with him tomorrow. I told him which room he’ll be in and the teachers he’ll be with. S later asked him if he would check up on his brother. G’s response was “No! S2 in baby room” But he did promise to be a good big brother to him.

    So… wanna take bets if I’ll be crying tomorrow on my drive home all alone?

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