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    Bounce-houses: the evil, disease ridden weapons of bio-warfare

    Would you like some time off from school/your job? Have you missed some cuddle time with your toddler? Has it been awhile since you’ve bonded with the porcelain god? Well, then come on down to Crazy Jumpers and rent a bounce house for your child’s next party event.

    I jest. But it is true. Every single time a child at G’s daycare celebrates a birthday, and the parents rent a bounce-house, it feels like the plague spreads through the school 2-3 days later. Every.single.effin.time. Last Thursday I saw a bouncer deflated as I was picking G up. I joked saying “Gee, I wonder what bug we’ll fall victim to this time?” Well, this event’s party favor? The stomach flu.

    S came down with it yesterday and he was miserable. I’m falling victim to it today, and I am hoping… no… praying, that the boys (especially S2) don’t go through this next. We think G might have had it a few days back, and gotten off with the, ughmn, rear-end effects, but not with the pukies. I am at least thankful that S is stronger today and can handle him while it’s my turn to lick wounds in bed. Having us both be bathroom confined with two kids has to be impossible. I gotta tell you, this whole “In sickness and in health” part of wedding vows has a whole different meaning when you add kids to the mix.

    The part that sucks is that G doesn’t even like bounce houses. He’s scared of them. The closest he’s come to being in one is at the opening, while no one else is inside. Yet, once his friends get sick and drool over all the toys, he comes down with it too. And as much as the teachers do a great job sanitizing, by then it’s just too late.

    Yes, I know this is a side effect of daycare, and normally I can roll with the punches. Today I’m just pissy because 1) the parents got sick too; 2) I have an infant that I can’t do anything for if he gets it; 3) my family is visiting and I worry about passing it onto them, and 4) did I mention it’s Christmas Eve?

    Merry Christmas y’all. I hope someone leaves some Gatorade under the tree.

    One response to “Bounce-houses: the evil, disease ridden weapons of bio-warfare”

    1. Kirsten says:

      So sorry! I hope that you feel better soon. Making a mental note to avoid bounce houses as much as possible, especially around the holidays!

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