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    Baby Butt Boogie

    I’ve been trying to encourage G to stand more. Until recently the only time he’s been in upright position is his jumparoo, so any time I try to get him standing he starts trying to bounce.

    So now, for a few minutes every day, I hold him up. He’s getting better at supporting his weight, but thinks that standing up = dance time.

    He does this really awesome (aka hilarious) butt jiggle. He sticks out his rump, starts swinging side to side and does a little bounce with his hiney.

    This is classic video gold and I WISH I had it to show you. Sadly you’ll have to wait and just use your imagination. Trust me, watching it makes you bust out laughing — just don’t let him see you laughing at him or he gets mad. That’s why I have him facing away from me when we do this — I can snicker behind his back… literally.

    Does that make me a mean mommy?

    One response to “Baby Butt Boogie”

    1. Katie says:

      Sabrina has been in her jumperoo about 12 times total in her life, but she still bounces all.the.time when “standing”. She just really likes bouncing…

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