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    Aah, the joys of childproofing

    Let me tell you about G’s day the other day. We were up in his room, where I let him roam around. It’s his room, filled with baby items (with few exceptions). In the span of 30 minutes my monkey:

    1) pulled and ate on the power cord to the fan in his room. When that was taken away he protested and then moved on to pull (and eat) the power cord to his swing

    2) dug up a bottle of  lactation support supplements that I’d forgotten about (they tasted horrible, and I put them on the bottom shelf of my glider table, where they were consequently forgotten). Said  bottle was discovered entering G’s mouth and then promptly taken away (post-haste esp. since it didn’t have a childproof cap)

    3) found the batteries of the disconnected TiVo remote control and also decided to put them in his mouth.

    Notice an eating trend here?

    So yeah, electrical cords, meds and batteries: it’s as if someone had identified all the bad things in his room, given him a list and said “Go for it kid! Let’s give mommy a heart attack!”. No breaks in between for fluffy toys, or child-approved rattles. No. All the things that make me look like an awful parent.

    So guess what S and I are going this week-end? Childproofing like mad, running behind a 2 foot-tall trouble-maker and using the word “No!” a lot.

    Childproofing tips are welcome.

    2 responses to “Aah, the joys of childproofing”

    1. Ariel says:

      My advice and what we did for my sis’s house was to childproof everything with G out of the house. One of you can take him to the park and the other can baby proof without the distraction of a moving cruzing baby. Then bring him back and let him discover all the things you forgot. Then do all those things. Repet as nessasary till child proofing is complete.

      And when you are done you wana come over here? I would love some ideas on how to get all the cords to the TV covered so he can’t get them. Right now that is my biggest fear.

    2. christakim says:

      We did this last month. I do not have much advice except hide the cords obviously. Ella goes after cords no matter what is in the room. I don’t see what is so amusing about them, but I guess she thinks they are a toy!

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