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    A lesson in elocution

    G has a new favorite phrase. It stuns you with it’s eloquence. He does it so crisply too. Ready for what it is? Ok, here goes:


    It goes well on it’s own:


    With prolonged performance:


    In a row:

    Pffft, pfft, pffft!

    Or in combination with other key phrases:

    Dadadada, pffft!

    He does it with just the right amount of spit bubbles too. Over dinner, it goes especially well with a full mouth of carrot (or whatever is being served that evening). That way he ensures that everyone looks stunning in orange (or yellow) spittle.

    Yes, my son is an excellent orator.

    PS. Oh, and to the little girl at daycare who’s taught him to do this while eating — there’s a special place in my heart for you.

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