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    6 months

    Woa! Halfway to one already.

    This has been an exciting month. In it, S2 has began to roll from belly to back (but won’t do it for me), started inchworming while on tummytime (or more realistically wants to get off his belly enough that he shuffles and kicks his legs enough to propel him forward, and he’s discovered the fun reaction he gets when he nuzzles his head on other ladies’ chests. I call this last one practice for motorboating later on. Ms. C is quite amused by this morning routine. Or perhaps not.

    His smile is incredible! It’s that full on, toothless baby smile that makes you forget anything is wrong in your life. I’m pretty sure the ‘You are my sunshine’ song is in reference to babies when they smile at you like that.

    S2 loves his paci: it’s his biggest source of comfort. I’m happy and worried about this. I’m glad he has something that I know will work, especially at 4am in the morning, but I dread having to break him away from it, as well as the possibility of a second orthodontics fund.

    Over this past month S2 has also discovered his feet. For some reason he doesn’t seem to notice them when he’s NOT on the diaper changing table, but when he sees them he stares at them with great admiration.

    He’s still not sitting up on his own just yet, but he’s making good progress. He can last 1, maybe 2 seconds sitting on his own before falling over in a random direction of his choice 🙂 The photo above for example: not-held. Of course, the frames immediately following are of him crashing to the left.

    Of course, this month was the month S2 started eating solids foods. And he likes them. He polished off a whole jar of squash this morning. I’m not sure I know how to deal w/ a kid that actually likes to eat. But I like it. Keep on, little man!

    Weight: 16lb 2oz

    Height: 25.39″

    Favorite activity: Bouncer and watching the moving wall fish aquarium at school.

    Favorite toy: His little bee from First Years

    Sweetest moment: Did I mention big baby smile yet?

    Naughtiest moment: Motorboat, motorboat, where are you?

    Important milestones: Rolling over from belly to back. Started on solid foods

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