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    2 months

    S2 is now 2 months old.

    Time sure moves fast. Our little dude is growing up fast. In about another week or two I’ll be retiring his NB sized clothes. A part of me is pretty excited to start relieving my home of various sized baby clothes, and another is sad to see them go. It’s just a chapter of my life I won’t experience again.

    S2 is spending more and more time awake now. He sleeps on average 13-14 hours per day… but not in a row. That I assure you. We have a pretty predictable routine together, although we don’t have a set nap schedule during the day just yet. He wakes up for the day between 6 and 7, eats, gets his new diaper on, chills out for a little bit and goes down for his morning nap. His morning nap is normally his longest, and could last 3 hours. He spends the rest of the day eating, sleeping, staring out into space… oh and, of course, making dirty diapers. All in all, performing the duties of a wee-baby quite well, and to their fullest extent. His fuss o’clock begins around 5ish, and I’m finding that he’s quite happy to call it a day by 5:30. We torment him occasionally by keeping him up ’till 7 if we go out for dinner, which he’ll tolerate, but isn’t too excited over. On an average night he wakes up twice: sometime around 2am and then again around 4ish. He eats, and conks right back out, and we start the cycle again the next day.

    This month has also brought smiles. I gotta tell you, it’s something pretty special when you look down at your kid and he’s looking at you, smiling, like you are his whole world. Those smiles kill ya’, I tell you. Overall he’s a super snugly and chill kid. We don’t bed-share anymore (although he sleeps 3′ away from me in his swing). There are many 2am wake-ups that he feels so good in my arms, I just want to snuggle around him for the rest of the night.

    G is still super cool around him. He still asks to hold his brother, wants to help with bath-time, and tries to get his paci back in his mouth. He doesn’t really get to stick it in his mouth successfully, but poor kid sure tries.

    Weight: 11lb 2oz

    Height: 21.125″

    Favorite activity: Staring up at the little lambs on his swing. He gives those guys some admiring smiles

    Sweetest moment: Getting a big fat grin mid-nursing.

    4 responses to “2 months”

    1. Grammie says:

      He is such a pretty baby. Hope to see him in person before to long.

    2. Rebecca says:

      so cute!

    3. Ariel says:

      Got to love those mid-nursing grins. He is growing so fast! I can’t believe he is 2 months already.

    4. Alison says:

      Ava – you mand Shane make beautiful kids!!

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