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    2 months old already?

    G is now two months old. Some notable developments have been:
    – his first (non-gassy) smile
    – more coordinated arm gestures… even swatting and getting at a toy
    – his first laugh (well, it was more like a short laughing grunt)
    – outgrowing his NB sized clothes and finally fitting into his cloth diapers
    – finally enjoying bath-time
    – getting down to a single wakeup in the middle of the night, with a few 8-9 hr stretches here and there

    Things we are happy are over:
    – the constant all-day crying through the 6th week growth spurt

    Things we can’t wait to be over:
    – the 4:30pm ‘till bed-time crying

    I’m still amazed at how quickly these last two months have gone by. I had this flash of fear this morning that I’ll wake tomorrow, in my 50’s attending my son’s college graduation. I say fear, because I feel like the rate of living feels like it has accelerated so much over the last 5 years. I don’t want to miss out on enjoying G growing up. As much as I am thrilled about him outgrowing his tough moments, I love the good parts so much more than I dislike the hard parts.

    So how are we honoring the 2 month milestone? By giving G his first immunizations! I am genuinely nervous about this appointment. It could very well be harder for me than for him. Both S and I are going. We’ll let you know how it works out. Wish us luck!

    3 responses to “2 months old already?”

    1. GL at your appt! I know it is hard particularly because of all the debate over them being safe. ((((HUGS)))) G will be fine and so will you, just make S hold him for the shot part.

    2. Rebecca says:

      Wow, 2 months have gone by quickly. That means it should be my turn, right, weren’t you due on 9-1?

    3. Will Hutchinson says:

      Congrats – I knew you guys would make it. 😉

      It’s all gravy now until he wrecks your car…

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