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    G’s 1 (month old) today!

    G is 1 month old today! In some respects these last few weeks have gone by really fast, and in others I feel like our family has already spent an eternity together. In honor of this occasion, I wanted to reflect on the past few weeks. What follows is a series of non sequitur thoughts and observations.

    • Babies smell good
    • Whomever said that baby poo smells sweet really needs to examine their smell receptors
    • A baby’s coo melts your heart
    • Babies are cute
    • Nature has purposefully made babies cute so that you still like them when they cry
    • Taking a shower is a luxury
    • Brushing your teeth is also a luxury
    • Your kids smile makes you forget all about being tired… even when they don’t mean to smile… or even know they’re smiling
    • Breast-milk will not be going into my cereal anytime soon
    • I have a new-found respect for single parents doing it alone
    • Parents of multiples have my admiration… and sympathies
    • Simple math on a few hours of sleep is hard
    • Even un-circumcised boys produce a fountain-ous spray
    • Being peed on is not as gross as one imagines
    • Yes, you can put a monetary value on a night’s sleep (currently $179 in our house… before taxes, shipping and handling)
    • You can never have enough photos of your kid
    • Taking off your pants (to go to the bathroom) w/ one hand (‘cuz the other is holding the baby) is hard. I have not yet mastered this skill
    • A fart and belch from your partner is gross. A fart and belch from your infant on the other hand is pretty adorable
    • Anyone calling my house after 9pm is looking for a whoppin’
    • It’s almost impossible to walk through a baby store and not Aw at the little clothes
    • Baby stuff is made of some of the softest and cuddliest fabrics ever… and they can’t even appreciate it
    • It’s remarkable how quickly the details of labor disappear
    • Lactation supplements makes sweat (and uhmn “other” stuff) smell like licorice
    • Family pets seem to be more afraid of babies than anything else: apparently size matters not
    • The amount of love you immediately feel for your child is immeasurable

    There’s so much more, but I’ll stop here.

    Happy 1 month birthday G!!!

    2 responses to “G’s 1 (month old) today!”

    1. libby08 says:

      Awww that all made me tear up. COngrats again!

    2. Kittylove says:

      Happy 1 Month G! I love the one about family pets being scared and that size doesn’t matter. I hope Nicko (sp?) and G come to be friends soon.

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