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    11 months

    My little Chunky Monks is now 11 months old. He is still a big ball of cuddles, but also mixed in with a pinch of crazy. He’s starting to live up to his name, and that’s not helping keep my gray hairs at bay.

    Pulling up to stand, and cruising is now a given. He now can let go and balance on his own for up to 3-5 seconds at a time. Doesn’t do it consistently quite yet, but certainly long enough for my mom to take a photo as proof. He’s so reliant on crawling as a mode of transportation, that he’s not attempting to step without holding onto something just yet. And to be honest, I’m not running out of my way to show him he can do it either 🙂 He also likes to climb onto things. If given the chance to, he’d scale the stairs to his bedroom all on his own. I imagine he WILL be the child that crawls out of his crib after some time.

    He’s made a huge leap in sleeping skills over the past month. He still falls asleep nursing 5 or so nights a week, but the other two, he’ll put himself to sleep. I’ll admit, I jumped to Ferber, after a couple of attempts of the sleep shuffle. While it sucks to hear him cry, the fact that he is able to put himself to sleep has helped SO much in how many times S and I have to go in with him. Typically now no more than twice a night, although most nights, it’s just a 5am wake-up. For this one, he’s hungry, so I bring him to bed with me so he can eat… while I sleep. Then he’ll snooze for another 1.5 hours. I can live with that. Naps are still elusive, but for now I’m happy that our night-time routine is getting a bit more sane.

    Reflux had also gotten worse over the last few weeks. We upped his Prevacid dosage and that’s helped. While we are not barf-free, it’s been notably decreased, and many occurrences are now typically excused by things, like me having to carry him in strange positions while also trying to support either a 3yr old child on the other hip, or 5 bags of gear. Yeah, I’d hurl too if carried upside down (just about) shortly after eating. But this is good news, because he’s escaping (narrowly) the need to be sedated, scoped and tissue biopsied.

    Weight: 20lb

    Height: 28.75″

    Favorite activity: crawling like a speed demon towards things he shouldn’t be playing with: like outlet plugs, toilet bowls our stairs

    Favorite food: Puffs (still) and Mum Mum crackers. The other “real” food is just filler in between Puff Parties

    Favorite toy: the crank handle that opens the living room windows

    Number of teeth: 2

    Naughtiest moment: climbing 4 stairs up while mom had to take G to time-out and couldn’t close the gate

    Important milestones: Standing without support

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