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    How to make a baby: A photographic journey


    8 responses to “How to make a baby: A photographic journey”

    1. Elizabeth says:

      LOVE the slideshow!!!!!

    2. Emeraldwednesday says:

      Beautiful! Congrats again!

    3. BEAUTIFUL A – congratulations!!!!

    4. becoming-mom says:

      Beautiful!! G in that big brother shirt just kills me 🙂 Congrats again, how fun you get to do your OWN newborn shoot!!!

    5. Kasey says:


    6. Jen bcb4me says:

      That’s was awesome! I must have missed the announcement. Congrats!!!!

    7. Sophie (kouiii) says:


    8. Lauren says:

      This was so beautifully done! It brought tears to my eyes!! Congratulations what a beautiful way to tell your story.

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