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    Uhmn… no thanx! I’ll wait.

    Last night one of the women on my online pregnancy board went into labor. I wish her and her little boy well and hope that everything went well.

    However, as I was reading her post and scanned down I noticed how far along she was: 36 weeks and a few days! This Saturday I’ll be 33 weeks. She’s only about 3 weeks ahead. The thought of going into labor in 3 weeks honestly scares me… a LOT! I’m not ready. 38-40 weeks I’ll at least be expecting it, but not at 36.

    So here’s hoping that G will inherit his father’s patience and schedule anal-ness. I need at least another month and a half before he can make his appearance.

    One response to “Uhmn… no thanx! I’ll wait.”

    1. Rebecca says:

      Just wait until you’re 41 weeks and start wondering if he’s ever going to make his appearance (and of course you start having crazy dreams about giving birth to a toddler).

      Was it her first baby? I think first babies are usually later, but of course there are no set rules, which makes it impossible to schedule, I know that’s probably killing you 😉

      I can’t believe you’re getting so close! At 25 weeks I still feel like I have a lot of time, but I know it will sneak up on me..

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