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    Things I WON’T miss about pregnancy

    Well, now that it’s over, I’ve started thinking about all the things I won’t be missing about being pregnant. My belly time with S2 has been cool, and I was NOT ready for it to be over. This pregnancy, being my last, I will miss in many ways, but here’s what I won’t:

    – morning sickness
    – constipation. Apparently when things don’t come up the front door (see #1 above), they don’t find their way to the rear exit. Either way, it’s a LOT of bonding time with the porcelain friend. I’ve learned to bring my iPhone with me and listen/watch podcasts
    – falling asleep with your eyes open in the middle of the day
    – hip pain
    – round ligament pain
    – pelvic bone pain
    – all the things that swell down under. Sometimes I felt I was giving Baboons a run for their money
    – hand achy-ness from being swollen. Let’s just say I’ve never had a desire to have my hands look like those of the Michelin man. I’m swollen now too, post surgery IV, but at least that’s getting better
    – swollen legs & feet (notice a swelling theme here?). I wore boots a few weeks ago and when I took then off, my legs had swollen & conformed to shape of the boot wrinkles. It was cool, and gross all at the same time. Wavy calves: not sexy
    – not being able to cut my toenails easily
    – lack of patience/energy when it comes to being with my toddler… although infant sleep deprivation might not be much better. Hmn, stay tuned on this one
    – hot flashes that make you feel so hot you feel like you’ll pass out… in 64 degree weather
    – charlie horses in the middle of the night
    – sudden urges to wet my car-seat because some little boy has decided it would be a good idea to head-butt/punch mommy in the bladder while she sits in bumper-to-bumper freeway traffic
    – heartburn. As if lying down was already pleasant

    But are the boys worth it? Oh yeah. 10x over.

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