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    Still a boy! (A 4D u/s adventure)

    Yesterday S and I went to a 4D u/s appointment. I love seeing G and ever since the first 3D experience we had during our NT scan, I’ve been impatiently awaiting this one.

    The place we went to (LRD Scanbabies) was great, and I highly recommend it to anyone living in the CA South Bay/Peninsula, or willing to do a little drive. Part of the scan is the confirmation of all the measurements taken at the Big U/S and they send your OB a report of the findings. Oh and we got confirmation that G is, in fact, still a boy. Seeing his… uhmn… “stuff” in 3d there was no mistake. I’ll spare you that photo, mostly because I don’t want G to develop a complex down the line from the fact that the whole world has had access to his privates. I think the gender reveal scan is enough… at least for now.

    All of his measurements suggest that as of right now G weighs in at 2.46lbs. He is right on track. His femur and tummy measurements are just a few days behind, but his noggin is a few days ahead. They averaged out to exactly 28w, which is where I said I was.

    G in true form didn’t really cooperate with us, so we didn’t get a chance to see a good, clean view of his face. He had both arms AND feet up around his head so we chased him around a few times to see if he’d move. Of course when he did get some of his appendages out of the way he stuck his head up against the wall of my uterus. This child is either quite camera shy, or purposefully telling his that pictures are only taken when HE feels like it.

    So without further adieu here are G’s latest mugshots:

    Side profile

    Front view

    That thing by his lips? His foot. In the side profile the majority of the picture is the wall of my uterus.

    We’re still trying to figure out whose nose he has, but I guess we have plenty of time to ponder that one once we see him in person in a few months.

    That’s our baby!

    3 responses to “Still a boy! (A 4D u/s adventure)”

    1. emeraldwed says:

      awwww! Great photos!

    2. Kirsten says:

      That is an amazing face shot!

    3. Evonne says:

      G is so cute already… can’t wait to see him in person!

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