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    Rude Awakening

    I was woken up at precisely 2:36am this morning by the most agonizingly painful Charlie horse cramp EVER!!! I’d heard that these can be common with pregnancy, but this was so awful I jumped out of bed so immediately you could have sworn someone poured boiling water on me.

    It’s still sore πŸ™

    All I gotta say is “Oooooooooooooooooow!”

    Yeah… let’s not have a repeat of that one.

    3 responses to “Rude Awakening”

    1. EmWed says:

      Ouch!!! Sorry that happened to you!!

    2. Liza says:

      Ooh.. I remember those… well… don’t want to scare you, but it became an every night thing for me on my last trimester.. that and going to the bathroom every 2hrs kept me up all night…

    3. avalikelava says:

      Oh yeah, I got one on my other leg the very next night. I have a feeling this will continue being a common occurrance. I am not thrilled πŸ™

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