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    When in Rome

    Ever wonder why languages purposefully change the pronunciation of countries and cities? Why Rome and not Roma? Why Florence and not Firenze?

    Our only sight-seeing day in Rome was met with overcast skies and occasional showers. We made some street vendor very happy by embracing our tourist title and buying an umbrella as soon as we got off our bus. However, this 5 Euro accessory saved our trip by making S a much happier boy. I think how I feel about being hot is how he feels about being wet. If today turned out to be a “good” day as opposed to a “miserable” day for him (his words) than this umbrella was definitely worth the exchange rate.

    The metro here is very easy to get around! I highly recommend it as the method of getting around here. Driving around here is scary. Not Bulgaria scary (more on this later), but scary none-the-less.

    I started my Rome trip with very low expectations of how much we’ll be able to do while here. I told myself that as long as I got to see the Coliseum up close I’ll be a happy girl. Well I saw this and more, so I chalk this trip as a success. We saw a taste of a lot (for a day) and I’m looking forward to a longer trip out here. I love old cities with tons of history behind them and citizens that embrace their heritage. Rome is just that! In a two mile radius you experience everything from structures pre-dating Christ to the Renaissance and beyond.

    Our day started with the Coliseum — it’s an amazing structure that even more amazingly was completed in only five years. We walked by St. Constantine’s arch, then up Via Dei Fori Imeriali past the Roman Forums. We went to the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain, the Spanish steps and ended our journey at the Flaminio metro station. We wanted to eat at a restaurant our friend recommended, but it didn’t open until 7. By the time we reached it, it was only 3pm and we were beat. We scrapped the recommendation, but as the restaurant in our hotel was quite tasty it was a good consolation prize. Besides, our room awaited me with a nice and calming bath and a place to put my feet up.

    I think on our next trip to Rome I’d like to do the Vatican, a more detailed tour of the Coliseum and a day bus tour. I would also love to see the Catacombs.

    All I gotta say is that G will be getting his own mileage account as soon as he gets his first plane ticket. This will be a well traveled child! With my family living abroad he won’t be able to help it.

    Next up? Bulgaria!

    2 responses to “When in Rome”

    1. Alison (MyABCLife) says:

      “Ever wonder why languages purposefully change the pronunciation of countries and cities? Why Rome and not Roma? Why Florence and not Firenze?”

      I TOTALLY agree!! Roma and Firenze are much more beautiful names!!

    2. Evonne says:

      Oh yes, you should definitely do the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel next time… just AMAZING! =p

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