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    Resisting a bruised boobie

    This past week-end was Babies R Us’ annual 12% sale. With our coupon we decided to go and purchase our most expensive, and least likely to be acquired as a gift, registry item: the Medela Pump In Style breast pump. This puppy uses a 9V battery and 2 valves to get done in half the time. Aside from any images of cow milking you have in your head (as accurate as they may be), this actually will be very useful for us. Once I go back to work, being in the nursing room (yes we do have these on every other floor of each building) for hours won’t be practical. Also, I’d like S very much to participate in baby feedings. Since he lacks the proper “equipment” this method is a good approach to help him bond with G and let me trade off on sleeping schedules.

    Anyway… back to my story.

    We’re in the car taking our new toy home, and as I’m holding this big box I can’t stop but think “I wonder what it feels like?” S suggested that giving it a try would be a bad idea. “There’s nothing going to come out and nothing to alleviate the stress of the suction. Aren’t you afraid you’ll hurt yourself?”. As this made sense in my head, I immediately had a flash-back to a scene from ‘Notes From the Underbelly’. In this episode Danny and Andrew are in a baby store as Danny ponders what the breast pump device is. He hooks it up to himself, and the image immediately following was of him shrieking like a banshee. Well, I had no desire to re-enact this scene at home, so in the unopened box our pump will stay. It will remain there until: a) G arrives and the milk-fairy follows with him; or b) strength, curiosity or stupidity get the better of me and I decide to give it a shot.

    In other news, G has found my bladder! That’s right, my bladder! On a ride home yesterday that should have taken us 15-20 minutes we had to make 2 emergency stops so I can go to the bathroom. While we were in the car, and I was sitting, all I could think of was “Potty! Now!” but as soon as I stood up, the rush to go was gone. Our little boy has decided that while cramped in a sitting position, the best way to make sure he gets more room ASAP is to sit on my little bladder organ and make mommy rise. I’m just glad I wasn’t driving. Do you think the “I have to pee NOW!” excuse is legitimate when a cop pulls you over for a speeding ticket?

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