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    Pregnancy & Birth across Borders

    It’s interesting observing how different countries observe pregnancy, labor and parental leave. For example, in Bulgaria giving birth in anything but a hospital is considered insane, but C-sections are elective and “fashionable” choice.

    A father-to-be in Bulgaria may be present at the birth (if it’s not a C-section) if he wants to provided the family pays extra for doing so. Many guys here don’t do this, but mostly because they don’t want to – not because it’s financially prohibitive. It seems like in the US, the presence of the dad is expected and not elective.

    The US also has the most restrictive maternity programs I’ve encountered so far. In Bulgaria you can take up to a year paid after your child is born, and another year unpaid, following that while your job (not just a job with your company) is protected. Some women also get written out of work after two months of pregnancy.

    Compare that with our US-based 12 weeks of unpaid Family Medical Leave Act!

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    1. Jamers125 says:

      This amazes me! On the board, Caliet was just saying that she doesn’t understand maternity leave in the US and might want to go back to her native Sweden where she could have upwards of two years off with a new child. It really does make our system look pathetic, doesn’t it?!

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